About us

Connecting the world through unforgettable experiences.

Our team of professionals shares a passion for event management with ease.

XPTickets is the most innovative and world’s leading platform that allows event organizers to create memorable experiences, customers to seek and share events that will make lasting impacts on lives.

We devised this pioneering platform to ensure a seamless and stress-free ticketing process -no fees, no hassle, no problems.

Founded in Washington DC in 2018, XPTickets share the same passion of bringing people together to enrich lives and create memories. Let us help you make your next event planning a major success.


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Our Mission

To provide the best knowledge, support and tools for organizers to optimize the full value of entertainment that will allow you to scale your business and provide unforgettable customer experiences.

Our Team

We share the same values and visions as the community we serve. Our motivation surrounds providing the best experiences for organizers and the attendees. We are dedicated to our client’s success and the satisfaction of all our consumers. 

Your success is our success

Our diverse team is dedicated and always available to assist to ensure your event is successful.

Mark A. Clarke

Founder & C.E.O.

Tatiana Greenhill

Chief of Business Development

Dainia Webb

Chief Operating Officer

Anthony Strang

VP, Growth

Soyriah Davis

Chief Marketing Officer

Catherine G. Read

Business Manager

Stacy Gordon

Chief Financial Officer

Moin Pochi